Boot Camp

As preparations for my mission continue, so does my physical conditioning. Yesterday morning [Codedame: Daddy] took me to my weekly acrobatics training session. I've grown quite skilled at somersaults, which will help me keep a low profile when quick escape becomes necessary. I've also found my center of gravity and achieved mastery of the balance beams. I still find the bars challenging, however. Must improve upper body stregnth.

We've been spending more time than usual on the bicycle. I suppose Daddy also wants to be fighting fit when we depart. Today, we rode to music class, where I've been teaching my body to properly respond to rhythm. The resulting sense of discipline will undoubtedly come in handy during deployment. But I've been informed that today was my final lesson, at least until our eventual return from Asia. 

We'll be taking advantage of the summer months to focus on my underwater competence. Also, running, climbing, and sliding; critical abilities all. As such, I anticipate increased playground time along with visits to the pool. I only hope the sun remains hidden for some time yet. I do loathe that silly hat. One of these days, I will successfully determine how to remove it.