Reunion 2015

My horizons have been greatly expanded of late.

It began with a protracted airplane ride. Not nearly as agreeable as I had been led to anticipate, the lengthy voyage had me on edge. Long before departure - from the moment our transfer reached the airport, in fact - all eyes were upon me. For five interminable hours onboard I feared, this is it. My cover is blown! I took the only protective measures available, and obscured myself within the shelter of [Codename: Daddy’s] torso for the duration.

Despite my efforts to remain unseen, our eventual arrival was accompanied by some fanfare. Once on land, we were greeted by Mommy. She assumed the role of Chauffeur and accompanied us on the remainder of the journey. But when we reached our final destination (a confidential locale, named for a particularly delicious species of marine life that was once locally abundant) all hell broke loose. I awoke to chaos, brought upon me by a horde of alleged “cousins.”

The tribe of savages that surrounded me ranged in age from 1 to 97 ½. The following days were a whirlwind. Mealtimes were especially challenging, given the strident vocal abilities of most tribal members. But the flood of humanity to which I was subjected also provided great entertainment. It’s rare that I’m confronted by so many others with a stature similar to my own.

Now that the tides have receded, I’m able to properly take my bearings. It’s dawned on me that the place I’ve been taken to is highly dissimilar to my home. There is water falling ceaselessly from the sky. And all anybody wants to eat are crustaceans. I just don’t get it.