This is China

We have finally arrived in China. Or so they tell me.

When we left San Diego, the first airplane ride delivered us to a new city. Replete with people, bridges, bay views, tall buildings, and my favorite thing of all, elevators! How was I to know that this was not in fact China? Apparently, however, we were somewhere called San Francisco. There go the parents, messing with my head again. 

Just as I began settling into my new routine, they dragged me back to the airport. Then they proceeded to strap me down for what felt like eternity. First [Codename: Daddy] sat with me, and fed me lots of snacks. Then Mommy showed up and he disappeared. Mommy and I took a nice long nap together. When we eventually got off the plane, I couldn't believe it: elevators and escalators galore! I tell you, I've never seen anything like it. They're everywhere! This place is so much fun. 

Everything else here is just a little bit off, however. Outside of the house, Mommy and Daddy have gone mostly silent. Daddy is using strange hand gestures to communicate. I don't know how anybody understands him. But they're keeping me fed for the most part, so I'm choosing not to sweat the little things. Nothing could be bad when there's this much yummy soup around. And they even have arbuz here! (That's watermelon, for the uninitiated.) Phew. I was really worried about that one. 

I have to admit, though, that I am growing concerned about my cover. Remaining incognito is even more challenging than anticipated. The paparazzi are all over me! And while certainly it's not bad for my ego, these people won't stop touching me. I may soon need to consider dying my hair.